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Here it is what people ask us most oftenly
What is The Techie Media?

The Techie Media is a digital marketing and development service provider to new businesses. Our product PulseEdge is a platform for every kind of brand out their who wants that their product reach to right audience.

What is PulseEdge by The Techie Media?

Pulse Edge, a SaaS tool by The Techie Media to do seamless collaboration between brands and influencers without having any issues like payment, campaign management, trust, etc. Pulse Edge is the go-to platform for a streamlined, worry-free influencer marketing experience.

What sets The Techie Media apart from other influencer marketing platforms?

Unlike traditional influencer marketing platforms, The Techie Media offers a unique blend of cutting-edge technology, user-friendly interfaces, and in-depth analytics. Our platform (Pulse Edge) focuses on optimizing the influencer-brand relationship for mutual success.