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From discovery to delivery, we're your partner in influencer marketing success.
We're committed to collaborating closely with our clients throughout the entire campaign management, from identifying the right influencers to measuring campaign performance. Together, we'll elevate your brand and achieve your influencer marketing objectives.

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1. Initial meeting

We love do meetings. Engage in a collaborative discussion to understand client needs, project goals, and establish a foundation for a successful partnership.

2. Agreement

Formalize the project scope, timelines, and financial terms through a comprehensive agreement, ensuring clarity and alignment between both parties.

3. Deliverables

Execute the development and delivery phases, meeting outlined milestones, and providing tangible results that fulfill the agreed-upon objectives.

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The Techie Media is the best agency I've worked with. Their team is talented, creative, and responsive. They delivered an outstanding product that exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend their services.
Happy to work with this agency. TTM made our journey easier by monetizing my influencer journey.
The Techie Media revolutionized our brand's online impact. Exceptional service, impressive ROI. A game-changer in the digital marketing agency!
Here it is what people ask us most oftenly
What is Pulse Edge by The Techie Media?

Pulse Edge, a SaaS tool by The Techie Media to do seamless collaboration between brands and influencers without having any issues like payment, campaign management, trust, etc. Pulse Edge is the go-to platform for a streamlined, worry-free influencer marketing experience.

What sets The Techie Media apart from other influencer marketing platforms?

Unlike traditional influencer marketing platforms, The Techie Media offers a unique blend of cutting-edge technology, user-friendly interfaces, and in-depth analytics. Our platform (Pulse Edge) focuses on optimizing the influencer-brand relationship for mutual success.

Can I track the performance of my influencer marketing campaigns on The Techie Media?

Absolutely! Pulse Edge provides comprehensive analytics to track the performance of your campaigns. Measure engagement, reach, and conversion metrics to gain valuable insights and refine your influencer marketing strategy.

Is Pulse Edge suitable for influencers and brands of all sizes?

Yes, Pulse Edge is scalable and adaptable, catering to the needs of both micro-influencers and established brands, providing tailored solutions for diverse collaboration scenarios.

What measures does Pulse Edge take to address payment issues in influencer marketing?

Pulse Edge ensures transparent and timely payments, eliminating uncertainties and fostering trust between influencers and brands throughout the collaboration process.

How can I get started with Pulse Edge for my influencer marketing needs?

Getting started with Pulse Edge is easy! Simply you can take access of our platform by paying some charges and start exploring seamless collaboration opportunities with brands or influencers. Our user-friendly interface ensures a smooth onboarding process or you can just contact us.